About Us

Hardware made in the great French tradition

Bronzes de France offers a unique range of decorative hardware, accessories and furniture bronzes for private residences, hospitality and retail projects worldwide. From classic hand-chased pieces to contemporary designs, our products are a good fit for any projects and budgets. Founded more than 160 years ago, Bronzes de France have perpetuated traditions to offer exceptional decorative hardware to the world’s most beautiful interiors.

Our craft

The very best of craftsmanship to serve your project's needs

Lost wax and sand casting, precision welding, chasing, polishing, gilding and patinas... Bronzes de France is proud of its rich heritage. In order to meet the most specific requirements, the workshop now uses digital techniques that allow the creation of new designs or modification of existing models.


We create exceptional masterpiece, from our collection or custom-made

The love of a job well done guides us every day: the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our design and manufacturing process.

Particularly responsive, we are keen to meet our customers' expectations: competitive prices, respect for deadlines, relevance and adaptability are our success.

Our Workshop

Take a look inside our workshop in Normandy!

The Maison Bronzes de France employs 45 employees, based in Normandy. Lost wax and sand casting, chasing, polishing, gilding and patinas... our craftsmen put their expertise at the service of your projects. A four-member design team makes it possible to bring to life all creations or customizations.

Our historical models

An important Classic collection

Our classic collection includes more than 2,000 pieces, synonym of our rich heritage and history. Including styles ranging from Louis XVI to Art Nouveau, our collection is available in 30 finishes to offer unique designs for your interiors.